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Re: Water quality

Hi Douglas. 

I'm sceptical about your reading for Total Hardness as CaCO3 (571 mg) -
that must be a typo? Have you tested your tap water yourself? That looks
like an official information sheet, but I wouldn't trust it completely, or
I'm not making sense of it correctly. 571 mg Total Carbonate hardness is
extremely high, and with a pH of 7.6, I suspect there's something wrong
some where. In any case, Daphnia magna like a high pH and high hardness, so
I would think it would do well in your water. I suspect D. pulex would do
well in those conditions too (they're generally much hardier than D. magna).



At 03:58 14/02/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 11:25:07 -0600
>From: Douglas Guynn <dguynn at nwol_net>
>Subject: Water quality
>Below is an analysis of water from the city where I live;
>		General
>pH				7.6	
>P. Alkalinity as CaCO3		0	mg/l
>Tot. Alka. As CaCO3		121	mg/l
>Total Hardness as CaCO3	571	mg/l
>Dissolved solids			1385	mg/l
>Bicarbonate			148	mg/l
>Carbonate			0	mg/l
>Dil Conduct 			2814	(umhos/cm)
>Calcium				126	mg/l
>Chloride				469	mg/l
>Flouride				0.4	mg/l
>Magnesium			62	mg/l
>Total Nitrate			0.21	mg/l
>Sodium				263	mg/l
>Sulfate				380	mg/l
>		Metals
>Barium				0.199	mg/l
>Chromium			< 0.01	mg/l
>Copper				< 0.006	mg/l
>Iron				< 0.013	mg/l
>Lead				< 0.001	mg/l
>Manganese			0.013	mg/l
>Nickel				< 0.02	mg/l
>Selenium			0.0156	mg/l
>Silver				< 0.01	mg/l
>Sodium				236	mg/l
>Zinc				<0.02	mg/l
>Is this water suitable for raising D. magna? If not, could it be mixed with 
>RO water to achieve a tolerable dilution, or should I use RO water and one 
>of the mineral addititves like RO Right?