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Re: Daphnia culture

  I have to respectfully disagree with John. Changing water daily or or more often is necessary to leveling out the pulse and crash tendencies of Daphnia. When "pushing" the production of my Daphnia, I set time aside about every eight hours to check, feed, and change water as needed, three times as often as the Dean of Daphnia. A more laidback method such as John's will likely work, in the sense that someone with their old TI computer that uses cassette tapes for memory has a working computer. I brought about 100 bags of Daphnia to an ALA convention a couple years ago. I think there was a tablespoon or two (drained) of Daphnia in each bag. I could not tell that I had taken anything out of my cultures. Maybe that would also be true of John's cultures. I don't know but I'd be curious. Always ready to learn new things! Or gain new insight into the correctness of old ones!

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