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Re: Daphnia propagation

As someone who has cultured various Daphnia species continuously for years,
including D. magna and D. pulex, I have to say that although I enjoyed
reading that piece, I think Mr Langhammer is trying to make it sound a lot
more arduous than it is. The part that really raised my eyebrow is "I
change water on my four Daphnia tanks - 70% EVERY DAY!" If he had said
every week, or perhaps even every few days, even though the latter is
overkill, but every day is mad, unless you're trying to exercise or
something... Daphnia magna does seem to be more sensitive to water
conditions than D. pulex, but changing water so regularly will not boost
reproduction. If anything, I think it might lessen it. Unless your Daphnia
culture is only a few litres in water volume, leave your water changes for
a few days - your siphon (and/or your back) will thank you.

My two bits,


At 15:58 12/02/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I once had a copy of this and I couldn't find it but I
>finally found it here on Richard's web site.
>Eventhough this is written specifically for the culture on
>Daphnia magna there is a lot of usefully info here.
>Jim Eller jeller3 at mail_com