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Re: easy moina culture

Hi Guys,
       I have found a very easy way to culture moina
so that you don't have to go through a lot of work in
having it to feed your fish, no more need to change
water as this is all done automatically. All I do is
swipe the net and sieve what I want and feed to fish.
A hobby dosen't have to be a lot of work.....
        Basically, what I have done is connect a large
poly tank about 5'diameter (roughly 300 gallons) to
about 3 oval tubs(30 gallons each), not that I use so
much but it gives me a large greenwater supply.

Plumb the 5' poly tank to an input freshwater supply
-a tap maybe, or a float valve that would allow
freshwater in when the level drops and so maintain
water level automatically.

Bulkhead fittings (2") from the polytank leading to
one pipe manifold which splits up to each of the moina
tubs with valves on each pipe to meter the rate of
flow, about 2" below water level on the side of the
oval tubs (safeguard against splashing which might
create small bubbles -not good for daphnia and moina)
the greenwater just trickles in according to the
metered rate depending on the amount of moina in each
tub and their level of consumption of the greenwater.
The fresh algae is the best for them, not the
cyropastes or the concentrated algae sold by
brineshrimpdirect or other suppliers. What you'd be
feeding is something that would influence water
quality as it is inert food, not live algae cells.
Greenwater is the best stuff. I might put a sprinkle
of yeast in combination with any other food
eg.spirulina, or algamac.

On the discharge at the bottom of the 30 gallon oval
tubs I used bulkhead fittings with a valve and led
them all off to a 3 inch pipe I can meter the
discharge rate, again depending on the amount of moina
and their level of consumption. The 2" discharge pipes
connected to the bulkhead fittings are about 3 inches
high inside the tub and a fine screen cloth tied over
the mouths of the pipes. Now, on all outlets from the
moina tubs I got micron screens that would prevent the
moina from going through the discharge and overflow
So far I got I think enough moina.

To make green water quickly all I use is liquid
fertilizer and old fish water that was strained out
through micron screen put into a 30 gallon tub to get
dense then strained out again before being thrown into
the poly tank for innoculation, because like that the
moina get algae cells not the algae coated muck that
makes the water look greener than it is. 

I plan to keep fertilizing 2 times a week with old
fish water and liquid fertilizer. Additionally what
can be done is that the discharge water can be
returned to the polytank in addition to freshwater and
fish water, all the waste water would be utilized by
the algae cells I guess for people concerned about
their water consumption.

I put together a drawing of the whole thing, if anyone
would like to see what I am talking about, can let me
know. I will send the drawing to you.

best of luck,
Jai Mani

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