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Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #125

Hi Mach,

A blenders is a must. I have my own in the fish room because my wife draws
the line in grinding up earth worms with the one in the kitchen : ). Every
Sunday I siphon off 1/2 of the daphnia water  into a Baby brine net. I
replace the water with tap water. I usually end up with 1/2 to nearly full
net off Daphnia.Once a month I totally dump one and start a new one from the
other two. I rotate so that every three months all tubs have been restarted.
The tubs are a mixture of sizes. Monia, pulex and Magna. but the pulex seem
to dominate.A friend of mine George Frysk made a separating tool from
different sizes of PC pipe and  wire meshes. The pipes fit inside each other
and the mesh is of different sizes so the daphnia are separated according to
size. I always wanted to make one but cant seem to find the time. I also
have many snails in this set up they do a great job in taking care of any
large pieces the blender doesn't grind.Be careful of bread yeast I use
brewers yeast its much more forgiving.



Norm Ruebsamen and Susan Stacey in Somers, WI

 E-mail:  smstacey at execpc_com
Fishlist:  http://www.execpc.com/~smstacey/