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Re: Algae concentration

>HI Mach,
>Have you consider a home made food supplement. I have had allot of luck
>using three tablets ( 1 teaspoon) of brewers yeast a handful of frozen peas
>ten or so spinach leaves and a tablespoon of either carrot or sweet potato
>baby food. I put this and a quart of water into a blender and let run on
>high for 10 minutes. I have three , thirty gallon plastic tubs in our
>basement and feed every other day .I have had the same daphnia doing well
>for six years with this method.
>Would sprirulina algae powder (from health food stores) suspended in
>some water be suitable as a food for moina or daphnia, as an alternative
>to having a massive culture of green water?

I have tried a bit of each.  Under certain conditions they all work.
However it is much easier to over feed with any of the prepared diets than
it is with greenwater.  When I am lazy.  I would use about 1 cup of water a
Tbs of baking yeast, a tsp spirulina, a tsp ALGAMAC 2000.  IT works well,
but more often than not I crash the culture.  I suppose there are variables
like water temp (mine varies as they are outside) thus some days they eat
more than others.  Also, need to factor in the water changing schedule.
Norm, using your diet, how often and how much of a water change?  Right now
it is fairly cool (50F at the lowest) the moina are slowing down, the D.
magna are doing much better....  I really need to get a blender I don't
think I can make like Charley Grimes and assorted kitchen


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