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re: algae concentration


On Sat, 27 Jan 2001, Live Foods Digest wrote:

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> Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 12:10:54 -0600
> From: Douglas Guynn <dguynn at nwol_net>
> Subject: Algae concentrate
> I would be VERY wary of centrifuging 5 gallon quantities of anything, 
> unless you have access to industrial size equipment. The forces generated 
> in even a slow centrifuge are incredible and potentially fatal.

More or less what I figured.  Which is whay I may look  into nonmotile
microalgae that may be possible to settle without centrifugation. 

> If you are really interested in concentrated algae, Brine Shrimp Direct 
> sells a Cryopaste you may be interested in.

Rigt now to optimally feed my moina culture I go through 40+ gallons of
greenwater per day.  In the warmer weather the moina reproduce rapidly and
will clear some very green water in 24 hours.  Given this it is very labor
intensive.  I concluded that if I could concentrate the algal cells It
would be possible to change less water on a day to day basis and then do a
major  water change once or twice a week.  Right now for optimal
production it is about 75% water change per day.  Similar needs would be
for a rotifer culture....

> Reed sells larger quantities (minimum 1 liter) to hatcheries. A liter of 
> this stuff will last a LONG time, unless you are raising a LOT of copepods. 
> Brine Shrimp Direct sells a 100 ml. bottle that is great for most hobbists.
> No, I am not associated with either of these organizations.