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Algae concentrate

I would be VERY wary of centrifuging 5 gallon quantities of anything, 
unless you have access to industrial size equipment. The forces generated 
in even a slow centrifuge are incredible and potentially fatal.

If you are really interested in concentrated algae, Brine Shrimp Direct 
sells a Cryopaste you may be interested in.


This link is unavailable today for some reason. Another source is Reed 


Reed sells larger quantities (minimum 1 liter) to hatcheries. A liter of 
this stuff will last a LONG time, unless you are raising a LOT of copepods. 
Brine Shrimp Direct sells a 100 ml. bottle that is great for most hobbists.

No, I am not associated with either of these organizations.

>>Hi George,
	how many RPMs would be needed to spin them down?  I was
considering somthing along the lines of a washing machine motor and 5
gallon buckets to do the volume that I would need to process. After giving
it a bit of doing inhte head it doesn't seem to reasonable.  Perhaps
settling a nonmotile species wihtout somthering it....  Any ideas?

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