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RE: Live Foods Digest V3 #113

What size tubs do you culture your Daphnia in ?



		Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 17:48:12 EST
		From: Billinet at aol_com
		Subject: Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #111

		Many daphnia problems come from overfeeding, particulary of
yeast, which can 
		outgrow and outcompete the daphnia once the yeast gets too
far ahead. 

		Also, if you had a bloom and didn't harvest most of it, that
can cause a 
		crash.  Why?
		Maybe a rapid buildup of wastes in the water?

		I have two tubs in my furnace room that produce more daphnia
than I can use.  
		To prevent overpopulation I harvest and freeze the excess.
I feed about a 
		half teaspoon of a mixture of yeast and soy flour, dissolved
in water, about 
		5 days a week, when the water gets relatively clear.  I
don't aerate.

		Good luck!