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Daphnia and Ostracods

Has anyone observed that they seem to be incompatible?

I went crazy trying to find the fish that must have gotten into my big
Daphnia barrel. Production was down to essentially nothing, and no amount of
green water or other foods, like gram flour, seemed to help.

A friend was visiting, with sharper eyes than mine, and asked, "What are
those little specks swimming around in there." I looked closer, and told
her, "It's tiny versions of those Ostracods you gave me from your horse

I hadn't noticed them, because the barrel is dark blue and they were 1/4 the
size of the ones I had put into a nearby tank, last year. These are maybe
200-400 microns total -- just black specks.

They are really difficult to eliminate, as most fish are indifferent about
eating such hard, crusty food.

I'd be pleased to receive any suggestions for ways to get my Daphnia back in
control of that tub. Drain and bleach is hard work, IMHO.


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