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Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #90

> Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 21:41:22 EDT
> From: Arndtg at aol_com
> Subject: Live Foods
> I have just obtained some Oscar fish.  I need to feed it live food.  Of 
> course I am using a lot of live goldfish feeder fish.  however,  I am 
> wondering what is the most efficient live food for me to grow for feeding 
> this fish.  I am wondering if certain fish like the minnow and goldfish are 
> worth trying to propagate or to buy small and try to raise up in size.  I 
> presently have some red worms going but they really seem slow to raise to 
> enough to be able to feed some to the fish.
> thanks for any and all help and advice on this issue.

No, you don't have to feed your oscars live food.  They will be perfectly
healthy eating frozen and/or dry foods.  Feeding live fish to fish is a
great way of spreading diseases and parasites.  Besides, in nature, oscars
seldom eat fish - they just aren't fast enough to be successful piscivores
except in the confines of a tank.  In nature they mostly eat invertebrates
and plant materials - they are omnivores.  Red worms make a good treat or 
supplement for oscars, as do snails, but you can raise and breed oscars on
good pelleted foods too.