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re: oscar food

Oscars do fine on dry, freeze-dried, and frozen foods... live foods should only
be offered as a supplement or occasional treat... and if you do offer live foods
don't feed feeder fish as the transmission of disease is almost certain. Good
live foods for smaller oscars are tubifex worms, small earthworms, small
crickets/mealworms... for adults: large earthworms or nightcrawlers, large
crickets, snails... If you're absolutely set on feeding feeder fish, raise them
Sometimes oscars become finicky if they've been "spoiled" with constant feedings
of feeder fish.. if this is the case stop feeding him (or her) for a few weeks
until he starts to accept better food.
If you want more information on good foods for oscars, email me off-list
Good luck and congrats on a cool fish
make sure that he's in a big enough tank (at least 50 gallons for each adult
oscar is a good rule of thumb).

> Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 21:41:22 EDT
> From: Arndtg at aol_com
> Subject: Live Foods
> I have just obtained some Oscar fish.  I need to feed it live food.  Of
> course I am using a lot of live goldfish feeder fish.  however,  I am
> wondering what is the most efficient live food for me to grow for feeding
> this fish.  I am wondering if certain fish like the minnow and goldfish are
> worth trying to propagate or to buy small and try to raise up in size.  I
> presently have some red worms going but they really seem slow to raise to
> enough to be able to feed some to the fish.
> thanks for any and all help and advice on this issue.
> george
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