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Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #87

     Bruce, a 10 gallon aquarium w/ a screen top, filled w/ paper egg
cartons, a small bowl w/ a wet sponge, slices of carrot, and you're set
up. You'll need to keep ants outbbt wraping double sided tape around the
tank in wide bands and setting it up off the ground. You may also
consider feeding the crickets a commercial "Gut Load" suppliment from a
reptile supply outlet, to chalk them full of vitamins and minerals, so
crutial to your turtles well being. On a side note  turtles readily
accept earthworms, which can easily be cultured as well. Now on the down
side, the smell is horendous!!!! the best way is to have 2 cricket cages
and alternate / clean every other week   Good Luck         Joe