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Re: crickets

Adult crickets live about two weeks, so consider that when you decide what size
cricket you order.  What has worked for me is to kee them in a large plastic
container (like a trash can that they can't jump out of) with an open top.  You
need to keep them warm (high 70s -80)... use a heat lamp or pad  if you're gonna
keep them in a colder garage or something.  They need to be kept dry too, so if
you wash the contained let it dry completely... Rip the eggcrate that comes with
the crickets into manageable sizes and places them in the container.  For food
offer fish flakes, pieces of fruit/vegetable, just about anything... but two
things to keep in mind... first, the more nutritious/varied the food is that you
give the crickets, the better it is for your animal (assuming the insects are
constantly "loaded")... second, don't put too much food at a time... I usually
try to put just enough that'll be finished in a day or two
Also it helps hygenically to completely clean the container between shipments of
1000 (or however many you get)... some recommend dilute bleach, but I just rinse
thoroughly with a garden hose several times and let dry.


> Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 19:38:54 EDT
> From: BErney1014 at aol_com
> Subject: crickets
> I'm considering buying 1,000 crickets but keeping them going is my concern. I
> plan to use them for turtles. Any tips to keep them alive is all I need.
> Breeding them is not a concern.
> Thanks,
> Bruce