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Can green water and Daphnia co-culture?

  To answer J. Miller's question in a word, "No."  Daphnia reproduce faster
than Euglena or single celled algae, so the result is one or the other,
usually Daphnia, which then runs out of food. There are algae which Daphnia
will not eat, or which coat the shell of the Daphnia impeding their movement
and eventually killing out the Daphnia. By co-culturing Daphnia and green
water, it's possible to inadvertently be selecting for these undesireable
algae and end up with a pestulent algal culture that can end up in fish
tanks and be an all-around (fillinyourfavoriteterm).  I have tried dry
powdered milk, yeast, clam juice, and other things which all work, but not
as a single food, and not without problems of over-feeding, close
time-consuming monitoring and quick remedial action. A discus breeding
friend had success with dried cow blood from the garden center and with
dried cow manure. He also had great success by putting 5 gallon plastic
pails of daphnia seeded water under his bird cages and allowing bird
droppings and seed chaff to fall in as deemed by bird activity. I guess with
captive birds, the risk of some disease transmission must be low, but it's
something I would avoid. And check  a few back issues related to this topic.