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Scud culture

    Has anyone out there had any luck with scud culture?  I wrote a month or 
so back to the list about it and got no responses.  I figure I'll try again 
now that school's back in session.
    I kept a five gal. tank with scuds for six months with minimal colony 
growth.  I tried frequent water changes and no water changes.  I tried 
indoors and out.  With duckweed and without.  The scuds didn't die, they just 
didn't increase their numbers.
    I finally gave up and put the entire culture in a heavily planted tank 
with no corydoras.  LFS Cultures had mentioned that they will happily 
colonize a fish tank.  After a month, I have seen no scuds in the tank, but 
this probably means nothing.  Heck, if I saw them, so would the tetras.  
Either they're all gone or I'll find them when I tear down the tank.
    Anyway, if anyone has luck with these things, I'd love to hear about it.  
They would seem to be a great food.
    Pierre Gagne