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Re: Raising snails

Live Foods Digest wrote:

>  Steve Pushak
> I would like to grow a large number of snails but not in a lighted
> aquarium. The objective is to get a large population of algae free
> snails for setting up algae free aquariums. Snails from established
> aquariums often carry algae with them.
> I've tried keeping them in jars however this doesn't work well. Any
> recommendations?
> - --
> Steve Pushak

Snails are not dependent on light other than for production of food.  If you
provide a variety of substitutes such as sinking wafers, spirulina flakes,
frozen/thawed veggies (cucumbers, zucchini, romaine ar other dark lettuces,
etc.), they will still flourish.  As with fish, bioload still counts, and some
degree of tank maintenance (water changes) and light aeration is required to
achieve any reasonable productivity.  The water would best have some degree of
calcium hardness (say 4-7 ppm minimum) and higher than neutral pH (for shell
growth and freedom from erosion).  Common pond and ramshorns would be most
easily bred and raised in bare tanks, for MTS I would provide substrate.

But IMHO, as algal spores are ubiquitous and airborne, freedom form algae for
the snails would be an exercise in futility in trying to protect planted tanks
from algae.