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Re: moina

All depends on what you consider minimal work, minimal size, etc.  From
each of my 20 gallon tubs (muck buckets) I can harvest about 1-2 cups of
moina.  I use a 60 um screen net to collect and concentrate them (i.e. to
change water).  I also change 75% of the culture water per day (with new
green water).  Keeping the micro algae cell density high it is possible to
keep the moina and rotifers reproducing by 100% every 24 hours (given right
water, temps, etc).  Thus it is possible to harves 50% of a tank and still
have the same ammount the next day.  Speaking of which I need to change my

Check this link:

>hi everyone,
>           Does anyone have a method that allows a
>large scale harvesting and culturing of moina and
>           What I want to do is use the minimum amount
>of culture space and get some really large harvests..
>and lessen the amount of maintenance work that I have
>to do to get the large harvest size..any information
>would help.....
>Jai Mani
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