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Scud culture

    Does anyone have good luck with scuds?  
    I got a culture from LFS Cultures last Dec.  They have survived, not 
    I keep them in a five gal. tank with duckweed.  I feed them a pinch of 
flake food about four times a week.
    There are probably only twice as many scuds as I started with (Perhaps 
twenty now).  At first I suspected I was losing larvae or eggs with water 
changes.  When the weather turned nice, I brought the tank outside where it 
gets more light, so the duckweed got more light, grew better, and filtered 
the water more. I did no more water changes after this point. No improvement. 
 I stopped taking duckweed out for the same reason. The instruction sheet 
that came with the scuds suggested not harvesting them until the floor of the 
tank was covered with them. At this rate, I will get to harvest in 2005, then 
once every six months.
    Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.
    Pierre in Kensington, MD
    Where I still don't mind the daily rain storms this year