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Re: Microalgae Culture

> Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 20:34:05 +0700
> From: "halim semihardjo" <semihardjo at gurlmail_com>
> Subject: Microalgae Culture
> I live in indonesia, and we have abundant sunlight here. I've been trying to culture microalgae for a while, sometimes it succeed but sometimes they just crash, i used a 15 x 15 x 20 cm jar (approx 1 gal/5 liter),  i used dechlorinated water, and plant fertilizer (consisting 15% N, 15% P, and some micronutrien), i usually use the fertilizer at N-concentration 40 mg/Liter, then i aerated them under direct sunlight, them water temp sometimes reach 32 C.
> So, what is wrong with the culture, is it the temp, the N-concentration, or something else ??

Hard to tell at a distance. Most of us find that culturing "green water"
goes better with some small fish in the container. I suspect they eat the
microscopic filter feeders that are busy eating the algae/Uglena/???

At 32C that had better be a really tough fish! Try a bigger flatter
container with some evaporative cooling. Add Bettas or Gourami babys.


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