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cultures suitable for feeding to basic community fish

Hi; I am looking for live foods that I can culture which will be of
suitable size to feed to basic community fish (tetras, barbs, dwarf
cichlids).  I have been culturing daphnia and buying blackworms, but
recently moved to Dallas and cannot find an lfs carrying blackworms.  My
greenwater cultures have crashed down here twice, something that I had been
able to avoid in my former home of Colorado.

Are vinegar eels a suitable size to feed to community fish?

The temp in my home will reach above 80 degrees F occasionally during the
summer--will this preclude culturing white worms and red worms?

Any secrets to keeping green water going in Texas?  I have been keeping the
greenwater going by using water from a cichlid tank, harvesting half the
culture each week to refill the daphnia tanks, and adding a tiny amount of
Pond Flourish by Seachem to the green water culture (mostly for iron).

Any suggestions will be appreciated.