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Re: Live Foods sources

I went to the "Pets 00" show in Tampa, FL this past March, it is a pet
dealers trade show.  While I was there I went to every dealer of live foods
and found a few that would deal to the consumer directly.  You may have to
spend a min. of $10/$25 or buy 500 crickets, but they will send you
information on how to keep them alive and fresh if you ask and they have
food and containers to keep them in too.  Some sell flightless fruit flies
too. They all sell worms.

Grubco, Inc.,  http://www.grubco.com  Box 15001,  Hamilton, Ohio  45015-0001

Top Hat Cricket Farms, Inc.  http://www.tophatcrickets.com/products.html
1919 Forest DR. Kalamazoo, MI  49002

Ghann's Cricket farms, Inc.  www.ghann.com  125 Cedar Lane, PO Box 211840,
Augusta, GA 30917-1840

This next one sells to PetsMart and their product did not hold up to miss
handleing by the staff.  Theytold me that PetsMart has retrained the staff
on how to keep the stuff fresh.  I'am still paying retail when I can get it
from sourch cheaper.
Timberlane http://www.timberlinefishers.com  201 E. Timberline RD.  Marion,
Illinois 62959

JiM C.