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Re: Rotifers

I have been fooling around with culture of a freshwater species and they
can replace artemia napuli for the culture of many fish.  I am using 2
five gallon buckets (for culture containers) light aeration, and 50 gallon
stocktanks with some goldfish for greenwater culture. It is possible to
get about 1/2-1 cups of rotifers per day.  They have many advantages as
they can be enriched (they are what they eat) are smaller than artemia
napuli (smaller fry can eat them) and they won't die in a freshwater tank
and pollute the water.  It makes it very easy to feed fry, just flood the
tank with rotifers and foreget about them for a few days.  I have been
using this method for whiteclouds (long fin) and my various Pseudomugil
and kilies.  I did once work with the marine species and they were very
productive and worked well for my brackishwater fish.  The bigest problems
are the rotifers contaminating the greenwater supply.  They can e enriched
with ALGAMAC, spirulina, etc.
	Problems are that they are labor intensive.  I need to maintain
the cultures daily.  If the population is high enough missing a daily
feeding can cause a massive population crash.  

Maybe later I can put photos of my set up online.....