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Re: V3 #18 Killing daphnia with "Amquel" question

I first noticed this problem as I would find daphnia, moina dead in tanks
that I had recently cleaned. Of course I added AmQuel as there are times of
the year that chlorine and cholramines are added to our tap water.  I
noticed daphnia kills up to a week or so after each cleaning.  Not too sure
if it persists longer.  I only put it together when I sent a shipment of
monia to Jim Eller, and figured add some buffer, some amquel (it works for
fishes) and they all died enroute.  Doing side by side (in same shipping
bags) I found that the amquel was the cause.   I suspect that most
daphniaand moina are fairly susceptable to certain water contaminants and
as I am not sure what are the active agents in amquel I can't say for
>Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 22:12:28 EST
>From: CEFCHURCH at aol_com
>Subject: Re: V3 #18 Killing daphnia with "Amquel" question
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> Subject: Killing Daphnia with "Amquel."
> There has been a thread on this subject, lately on the killietalk list, that
> deserves a mention here.
> Mach Fukada pointed out that "Amquel" seemed to kill his Daphnia. Since I
> had suffered some mysterious crashes, I tested it. Sure enough a glass of
> Daphnia, Ostracods and mosquito larvae left alone survived nicely, but one
> with a strong solution of "Amquel" (125:1 water to "Amquel") killed an
> identical glass overnight. The Ostracods survived, but everything else was
> dead the next day.  >>
>Do you think old aquarium water orginally treated with Amquel is safe to add
>to a daphnia aquarium?
>Chuck Church
>Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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