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Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #33

> I have done extensinve research on the product called Cyclop-eeze which is a
> great alternative to the napulli. It is a freeze dried product, about twice
> the size of the nauplli but much more nutritious. You can read all about it
> on my website. My fish eat it from day one and it stays suspended in the
> water column so they can continuously feed. You might want to check out a can
> and see what you think. I have the best price around.
> hut
> For some great fish foods at great prices, visit my website at
> www.geocities.com/africanhut.
Sounds great but I don't usually listen to recommendations from people
who are also trying to sell the product. Seems like a little conflict of
interest. I bet ant toyota sales person would also tell you that Toyotas
are the best when we all know that Yugos are way better. Any way, just
my thoughts and I don't actually know any thing about Yugo except that a
cool name for a Yugo would be the Yugo "screwyourself" (got that one off
of david letterman)