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Re: Cyclop-eeze

Sorry for the delay in replying.  I haven't been monitoring my digests as frequently as my regular email

.>>BTW, do you think my price is fair?

Yes.  FWIW, the sources in article were the only ones I was aware of at the time.  Plus the article's audience is the local club, so the reference to a local supplier makes sense.  I suspect that we'll see more of this product in other distribution channels soon.  Although their main customer base is aquiculture so they may not have the connections or the willingness (to sacrifice profits) by adding another level of distribution in the aquarium hobby.

In regards to the appropriateness of this subject on a live foods list, please ease up.  Only a few folks here probably raise cultures for the sake of raising the cultures.  The vast majority on this list raise culture to feed fish.  Given the drastic rise in Artemia cysts recently, which shows no sign of relenting.  Hence, there is relevancy for the subscribers of this list, although there's not much more you can say on the subject. ;-)

Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL