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Re: Daphnia agitation, cyclops parasitism

From a limited geographical area, I have noticed Daphnia and Bosmina spp.
are usually found is shallow, nearly stagnant water. Too much water
agitation in captive culture can cause air bubbles to stick to the Daphnia's
carpace and trap them against the water surface eventually killing them if
you don't gently release the bubbles. Gentle aeration with coarse bubbles of
air can be helpful up to the point when you see significant numbers of
bubble-trapped daphnia.  Good luck with your daphnia culture plans!

On to the cyclops discussion.... Until this discussion started I had heard
nothing but good results from those who tried cyclop-eeze. The only negative
I had heard was the price relative to other foods.  Many copepod species are
supposed to be parasitic. To just pop out with a statement implying that
cyclops could become parasites in the aquarium, seems a half-truth to me.
Maybe just an advertising ploy or is there any difference. I'd like to quote
Charles O. Masters, a dean of live food culture and author of the
Encyclopedia of Live Foods: "The nauplii or early stages of Cyclops are
believed by many professional fish breeders to serve as the finest food for
the fry of most fishes."