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Re: Amquel

> Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 09:19:50 -0800
> From: "Steve Geerts" <stevege at ynn_com>
> Subject: Re: Amquel
> >Mach Fukada pointed out that "Amquel" seemed to kill his Daphnia. Since I
> >had suffered some mysterious crashes, I tested it. Sure enough a glass of
> >Daphnia, Ostracods and mosquito larvae left alone survived nicely, but one
> >with a strong solution of "Amquel" (125:1 water to "Amquel") killed an
> >identical glass overnight. The Ostracods survived, but everything else was
> >dead the next day.
> >Wright
> Wright, what concentration of Amquel are you referring to? I use 16 ml per
> 100 liter, which can be written as 6,250:1 by volume if I am not mistaken.
> Why do you use such such a high concentration (i.e. 125:1)? Or am I
> interpreting your concentration completely wrong?

No, Steve, you read it correctly. I deliberately did it strong to try to get
quick results, and to be sure to do what Mach had experienced. Mach had
mentioned that it was a strong solution that killed them.

Your concentration would appear to be low enough, if you observe no
mortality from it, or the other additive and/or aeration change the rules.

> I start with vigorously aerating tap water for a while, followed by adding
> 6,250:1 of Novaquel; waiting a while whilst continuing vigorous aeration and
> followed by adding the same concentration of Amquel. I never experienced any
> problems this way.

I rarely use "Novaqua" (Novaquel?), for it possibly sequesters trace
elements (metals) that might be useful to the green water I try to
cultivate. Perhaps it also tends to neutralize whatever is bad for Daphnia
in the "Amquel." IDK. It can break the chlorine ammonia bond and release
free ammonia/um into the water. The "Amquel" can capture that, but leave it
as fertilizer for higher (vascular) plants. IDK if that's true for Euglena
or similar algae and near-algae animals. The heavy aereation is harder for a
50G barrel, but it can also drive off the excess ammonia.

My outside barrel for Daphnia gets filled (and topped off) from the tap. If
you live in Fremont it's probably the same water as yours, with a ppm or so
of chloramines. I have tended to point the "Amquel" bottle at it and give it
a squirt. I don't think it is as strong as 16ml per 100L, but my method
contains way more "art" than accuracy. ;-)

I have had too many mysterious crashes in my Daphnia, doing it that way, to
be comfortable after my experience with the concentrated "Amquel" solution
following Mach's warning.

We now have a 2 point graph, but the conditions are so different I doubt
they fit on one sheet. Meanwhile, until we test some more, I'm going to lay
off the "Amquel" for my outside barrels and tanks with Daphnia in them.
YMMV, and we'll love hearing about it.


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