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Re: Amquel

>What's with the caps? As an owner of a  successful business I
>can tell you that it is not nice to yell at potential customers. In case
>you don't realize it, customers are the people that provide you with
>income. Customer satisfaction and not insulting them  is crucial to
>the success of a business. Also, the quality of your advertisements
>reflects directly on the quality of the products you are trying to sell.
>Bad spelling and grammar only hurts your business.

Exacte mundo! I propose we drop this subject now and concentrate back on
live-food topics.

>Mach Fukada pointed out that "Amquel" seemed to kill his Daphnia. Since I
>had suffered some mysterious crashes, I tested it. Sure enough a glass of
>Daphnia, Ostracods and mosquito larvae left alone survived nicely, but one
>with a strong solution of "Amquel" (125:1 water to "Amquel") killed an
>identical glass overnight. The Ostracods survived, but everything else was
>dead the next day.

Wright, what concentration of Amquel are you referring to? I use 16 ml per
100 liter, which can be written as 6,250:1 by volume if I am not mistaken.
Why do you use such such a high concentration (i.e. 125:1)? Or am I
interpreting your concentration completely wrong?

I start with vigorously aerating tap water for a while, followed by adding
6,250:1 of Novaquel; waiting a while whilst continuing vigorous aeration and
followed by adding the same concentration of Amquel. I never experienced any
problems this way.

Steve Geerts
Biologist San Francisco Bay Brand