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Worst sales pitch of the month

>hey everyone i have brine shrimp eggs htat are able to live for a whol
>not that you would want to habve them live that long, but i have a whole
>e-mail me at c690m at aol_com if you are interested in purchasing the water
>purifier, eggs, and some food for only $10 plus $3 shipping.  PLMK asap.
>if you would like to pay a different e-mail me personally and we can
>negotiate a deal.  thanks and God Bless

I thought this list was for non-commercial use only?!

In any case, our friend means that you can keep the eggs for a substantial
period of time in a freezer. In case you want to go through the troubles of
rearing Artemia nauplii, you might be able to keep them alive for half a
year or so, depending on water quality, temperature and the kind of food

ALL Artemia cysts will keep for an extended period of time provided they are
processed and dried correctly, i.e. a strict control of temperature and
drying time by the Artemia processors.

The use of a water purifier is not necessary for hatching the cysts. The
chlorine present in tap water will be eliminated by the aeration provided in
the hatching container and the chloramines will not kill the nauplii if you
harvest them soon enough after hatching as they are still feeding on their
yolk reserves. Mouth and anus are still closed at that time so their is no
direct contact between the digestive tract and the hatching water. Actually,
the chloramines present might help in suppressing the bacteria levels which
increase during hatching.

Artemia harvests worldwide have been awfull and overall quality of Artemia
cysts is not what it used to be. The Great Salt Lake did not produce much
and what is produced is not looking great, the Russian, Siberian and
Turkmenistan cysts are also of lower quality as are Chinese cysts. The
Vietnamese cysts, some South American cysts and San Francisco cysts are the
exception but all of these cysts are mainly bought by the aquaculture
industry as these people pay premium prices. That is the situation at this
moment ... but as always, this might change soon as other places are looked
for for getting more cysts in the market.

Steve Geerts
Biologist San Francisco Bay Brand