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Cyclop-eeze, a replacement for nauplii

Hi all, I don't know if you have been reading anything about this product yet but it is a wonderful food for fry. It is called Cyclop-eeze and is made by Argent Labs. It is a biolgically engineered copepod taken from very clean waters in northern Canada. It contains color ehancers and may boost the immmue system. It is 66% protein, freeze dried and stays suspended in the water so the fry always have food to graze on.

I tried an experiment with some African Cichlids. I split a brood into 2 groups. One group I have been feeding Cyclop-eeze and the other newly hatched nauplii. I also feed both groups decapsulated BS eggs and some finely crushed flake food. Well, its been 3 days and the fry on the Cyclpo-eeze are almost twice the size of the others!

Very easy to use and comes in 100g cans which will last a long time if kept in the freezer taking out small amounts at a time. My first can was a 30g can and it cost me $15 + S&H. I saw the 100g can advertised at Elite Cichlids for $27.95 + $4.95 S&H. Well, I went to the manufacturer's web site and found that it can be bought by the case for considerably less. Of course, not everyone can use a case. I am selling the 100g can for $20 + $3.20 for Priority Mail. I will accept money orders only and will ship the same day as I receive the money order. I have had a good response from the boards and sold a whole case to one of my fish clubs in one night.

I also have some nearly 100% spirulina flake. This stuff is amazing. It is like no other flake food you have seen before. It smells and feels like freshly cut greens. Great for any herbivorous fish, goes right through them.

I have other products available as well. If interested in the Cyclop-eeze, Pure Spirulina (only other ingredient is 5% lecithin to help form the flake), or any other products, email me at   africanhut at aol_com

I have price lists, ingredient lists, and nutritional analysis' available by e-mail.