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Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #11

I would not waste a single minute seeking ways to grow brine shrimp to 
adulthood for 600 bettas. The process is laborious compared to the 
alternatives. The food value is an interesting debate and may not be as 
high as previously thought...unless you gut load the shrimp.

Try to find a source of clean tubificid worms. They are naturally found 
all over the world. I find them in the streams of Montana...buy them 
from a farm in California. I have read an article about collecting the 
worms in India (perhaps it was Sri Lanka).

Even if you find them, the mechanics of feeding that many jars a live 
food will be a major concern. I would consider a prepared food...perhaps 
a pellet. Any number of very successful betta breeders have raised 
champion bettas on prepared foods and not live food.

My opinions and observations of course. I feed 8-9 different live foods 
during most of the year. At one time I had about a hundred Bettas in 
jars and I found the only way to keep my sanity was to use some flake 
foods. I usually fed them prepared food the day before the water 

Good luck,