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Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #11

Hello Shaikh,

International shipment of live cultures is an exceedingly complicated
process! Most countries have so many laws and regulations on importation
of "foreign" species, that it is not worth the bother.

Two live foods that you can get "of the land", i.e. indigenous species,
are fruit flies (Drosophila sp.) and Cladocera ("water fleas" like
Daphnia sp.). They are ubiquitous, reasonably easy to catch and to

Another possibility is a local college/university with a
biology/genetics department. They should have all kinds of strains of
*Drosophila melanogaster*. Ask for a flightless strain that is

Cladocera can probaly be obtained from water quality departments -- they
use them to test water toxicity. To catch your own, look for a body of
water without a fish population.

Good luck!



> Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 14:00:02 +0500
> From: "Shaikh Waheeduddin" <shawah at cubexs_net.pk>
> Subject: live food for bettas
> hi, I am in need of some advice, as seen almost on all websites u need to
> have some starter culture for live food, the thing is that here we dont have
> any source to get starter culture, is there any way to find the culture
> naturally, I have around 600 growing male bettas in jars, feeding them
> frozen beef heart makes water pollute, mosquito larve is very hard to get
> and it is also seasonal, I am thinking to grow brineshrimp to adulthood but
> lt may expensive, any suggestions or any website for this????
> thanks
> Shaikh Waheeduddin
> karachi - Pakistan
> shawah at cubexs_net.pk
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