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Raising micro worm for fry food

> I am was at a cichlid club meeting last night and was talking to a guy who
> raises microworms for his fry. Does anyone know what these are? He says he
> got a culture from a friend and them has been raising them for over a year. I
> guess you moisten some oatmeal and the worm grow in there. They crawl up the
> sides of a plastic container and he scrapes them off and feeds them to the
> fry. He has really nice fish and is going to give me a culture to try next
> month. Just wondering if anyone else has any experience with them?

I've used micro worms for more almost two years. I use a mixture of moist oatmeal
and just a pinch of dry yeast. I put the mixture in a small plastic container. In
the lid I've used a needle to make a few holes. Remember that the holes in the
lid should be really small, or your culture will get infected with fruit flies.
After 3-4 days, I can harvest worms from a new culture in the way you described.
A culture usually lasts about 3 weeks

The worms real name is Anguillula silusiae, and they can reach a size from 0,5 to
2,5 mm. I primarily use them as a backup. If I suddenly need food for small fry,
the micro worms are always at hand, while I usually have to wait at least 24
hours for artemia to hatch.