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Re: decapsulation & raising Artemia nauplii

Hello hut,

decapsulation is the removal of the outer shell of the cyst by means of a 
complete oxydation of the cyst shell. It saves some energy the emerging 
nauplius needs for breaking through the shell, it lowers the bacterial count 
in the hatching medium and you will prevent the introduction of 
non-digestable cyst shells in your fish tank. These shells might obstruct 
the digestive tract of fish (larvae). Decapsulation requires some practice 
and I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner. It is helpfull, but not 
mandatory. Hatching the nauplii followed by siphoning the nauplii out of the 
hatching container and careful rinsing of the nauplii under tapwater will be 

Raising Artemia nauplii to adulthood is far from easy and extremely time and 
labour consuming. You can find more info on this subject at 

Quality of freeze dried foods generally is of a slightly lesser quality 
compared to frozen foods or dry foods, e.g. it oxydises more quickly and 
some compounds (e.g. certain enzymes) might be destroyed. I did not read 
anything yet on that change to the shell during freeze-drying you mentioned. 
Are you talking about the Artemia shell? Their exoskeleton is nearly 

Steve Geerts
Biologist San Francisco Bay brand
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