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Spawning C. Nigripinnis -- Confused

I just got a pair of C. Nigripinnis and the female is, I think, gravid.

While not new to killies -- I had a few 25 years ago -- I have just established
a tank in the last few days.

I believe the pair is ready to spawn and in looking through beginner's guides
found Steffen Hellner's idea of a container of peat INSIDE a small tank
had merit. But when I tried it the peat poured out of the hole in the small 
container into the surrounding tank. Well, it seemed like a good idea <g>.

The AKA Beginner's Guide mentions this container inside a tank method

How, then, does one get the peat to stay inside the inner container?

Or is the best way simply to put the pair into a much smaller tank -- say
2 gallons -- with a peat substrate and let them spawn?

Ken Tompkins
Professor of Literature
Richard Stockton College of NJ
ktomkin at earthlink_net