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[Killietalk] worm cutter?

A while back I accompanied my bride to Target. We were stringing errands together to save a tiny bit of gas and the next stop was a hardware place to fit new tubing to a gravel vacuum, among other things.

A few CKA spring shows ago, we were privileged to have Rosario LaCorte as speaker. As an aside he mentioned buying a multiple bladed kitchen device to cut up black worms to a size safe for young killies. That was mentioned here, friends out east were urged to take a look in the department store where Rosario found that salad related device with several blades. Having no success in those endeavors, I probably briefly mystified the ladies in our family with my sudden intense interest in kitchen implements, when in a store that carries those items.

The search has been pretty much on the back burner. And there, in a clearance section of Target, was a $4.99 Herb Slicer for $2.48. The nine-bladed device looks pretty much like what Rosario described. The brand is Pro Freshionals, the marketing company is Bradshaw International, Inc out of Cuamunga,CA and the product (sigh) is made in China.

Time to grab a clean piece of wood, a small glob of blackworms and slice away.

If your rounds carry you by a Target and you have any interest in slicing and dicing worms, you might take a look. But they are one clearance and may not be there long.

Also a great gag gift for a fellow killienut or meeting raffle.

All the best,
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