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Re: [Killietalk] In Quest of Information

In a message dated 3/2/08 11:28:41 AM, ffarner at coinet_com writes:

> I am
> seeking consensus of the optimum rate of water exchange should/could be.

I found no additional benefits in my system to exceed about 20% per day. The 
cost of water is significant, so there is no reason to go farther than is 
experimentally sufficient. Perhaps if I had better displacement instead of back 
mixing, I would see a maximum effect at a lower level, or perhaps at a higher 
level. I don't know. The drip system that I use does not displace the solids 
that settle on the bottom. In larger tanks aeration helps stir that up, but 
occasional siphoning is necessary. Ii didn't do that I might never be forced to 
look at the fish.

Lee Harper
Media PA

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