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Re: [Killietalk] Aust. nigripinnis Villa Soriano

At about 72F, the nigripinnis are ready in 2 -3 months for me. They are some of the more forgiving as far as hatching time. Other species have not been so nice to me. I have lost a good deal of eggs of Austrolebias (ex-Megalebias) elongatus, Austrolebias charrua, and Austrolebias duraznensis by letting them sit unattended for 3 months.
cheers,wm_crash, the friendly hooliganAKA #08840, SAA #162, HOOLIGAN #1Wilmington, DE> -----Original Message-----> From: killietalk-bounces at aka_org [mailto:killietalk-bounces at aka_org] On> Behalf Of Joe Bulterman> Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007 11:20 AM> To: killifish discussion list> Subject: [Killietalk] Aust. nigripinnis Villa Soriano> > I have been playing around with this fish for a few years after receiving> some eggs from a good friend in Singapore. Initially, I was hatching the> eggs at 3 months but they were mostly belly sliders. After another friend> from Argentina suggested waiting longer, I started to experiment with> hatching times. For me, turns out that 5 months at room temperature (75> degrees F) is the optimum time for the most free swimming fry to emerge.> Anybody else have similar results?> > Joe Bulterman
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