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Re: [Killietalk] real Test!

Al Anderson wrote:

>Did you pass the test?
>The question was what Year did Radda collect Chocolate Australe's?
My "Wild Collections" book is buried, somewhere, so I'll just guess 
about 1975-76.

>What year wash is book published and what company published it here in the 
1987. My copy was published by HOFFMAN-verlag, but not in the USA, 
AFAIK. It cost about $2 per color page, as I recall.

>Who collected and what year were the Chocolate Australes called DNA 2000?
2000, but,again, my book is buried somewhere in all this mess, so the 
initials elude me. [Nunziata and Anderson? ;-)]

>Who is the AKA historian?
Al Klee wrote the history on the web site, but if the list of officers 
is current, that position is not officially filled.

>that is a fish test.
This is a poor attempt to take it. :-)

BTW, can /*anyone*/ cough up the $5 it will take to make the Maier Fund 
meet its August goal, today?




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