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Re: [Killietalk] RE: Where have all the killies gone?

I agree strongly with most of the sentiments expressed by Dave, Lee and Brian.

My personal bias is that the AKA would do more good by emphasizing habitat maintenance and/or restoration and getting much better handle on the physical properties of the various known habitats so we can fine-tune our husbandry practices to fit. Just bringing back more of the same, or more than we can absorb is obviously ridiculous.

Bringing back insight and knowledge is priceless!

Let's be sure that no expedition leaves the US without a good complement of instruments and those who know how to use them. DO meters, pH meters, TDS meters, PAR meters, digital cameras, etc. are not cheap in ruggedized field versions. They can help do what the AKA does best, though, by contributing to our knowledge and fishkeeping skills.

We should also look into the Nature Conservancy approach to saving habitats. Some of our SA collectors have observed that large tracts of "swamp" could be purchased and protected from development, for very modest amounts. Now *that* could make a difference, and could satisfy even Dave's rigid criteria for "species maintenance." :-)


PS. Thanks, Nevin, for jolting us with this thread!

PPS. BTW, Roger Langton is doing a future article, for the JAKA conservation series, on "habitats." I also refer you to the excellent article by Charley Nunziata in the current JAKA on how some very simple organization (KCC) has helped reduce this problem within the hobby.


Brian R. Watters wrote:

Lee Harper wrote:

In a message dated 2/4/04 9:40:19 AM,
David_Koran at hq02.usace.army.mil writes:

<< If there is no effort to maintain fish that are
brought back, why is the AKA's throwing money at such trips in
the effort to
bring new fish into the hobby going to improve anything? >>

I second this opinion. I don't think the funding should support
collecting of
more species/locations, but should be directed at maintaining those many
species already available, but in danger of disappearing.

I fully agree with Dave and Lee on this matter. A great deal more thought
needs to be applied to the matter of how best to use the AKA's funds in a
way that does not exacerbate what is clearly already a problem, i.e. our
inability to preserve species/populations already in the hobby and those
that will inevitably be introduced through private collecting efforts.
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