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Re: How cold is too cold?

Well, there isn't much Bass fishing where I live, or in any of San Diego county. The nearest lake to my house, Lake Morena, is just a mudhole anymore, and the second nearest, Lake Cuyamaca, is some 40 feet bellow the normal level. All the lakes around here are like this, everything is extremely low. The Cleveland National Forest is actually my backyard, or vice-versa. It used to be green, all green, full of Oaks, Manzanita, and other shrubbery. Now it is all brown, littered with dead leaves and such. No water means no fish, so the stores around here have no reason to carry fishing supplies. I have a much better chance of catching a fish in my bathtub than I do in any of the local lakes...
 Wright Huntley <jwwiii at pacbell_net> wrote:Hard to believe, Chris with as much bass fishing as you have in North 
County. They are available from several on-line mail-order places, but 
tend to cost a little more, for some reason. Check your other big 
sporting goods stores. Tri-City always had them in Fremont, for example.


Chris Browning wrote:
> They don't have those at any of my local Walmart, Kmarts, Targets, etc. I have checked many times and have never found anything. Oh well, it must be a regional thing. I live in San Diego, CA, I doubt there is a huge market for fish traps here, lol.
> Wright Huntley wrote:The double-ended minnow traps are only about $10 at Wally World, so buy 
> several.
> To catch the juvies, hot-glue window screen inside the trap for the 
> finer mesh you need. Works great. We use a lot like that for pupfish 
> surveys, etc.
> We use dogfood pellets for bait, but other stuff works better, if you 
> can afford it. Shredded fish or shrimp, lobster, etc. ;-)
> Wright
> YoHoHo at aol_com wrote:
>>RE: How cold is too cold?
>>Just thought I'd pass a little info along on this subject. I had some 
>>australe and some riv's in my pond last summer/fall. I hadn't found a way to 
>>catch them when the temps finally dropped. The riv's died when the temp fell 
>>below 50, but the AUS swam around until it hit 40. Tough little guys. Now I 
>>have to find a way to catch them this year. Suggestions?? The pond is lined 
>>with softball to basketball sized boulders, so hiding places abound!
>>Frank Carriglitto
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