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Re: How cold is too cold?

Hard to believe, Chris with as much bass fishing as you have in North 
County. They are available from several on-line mail-order places, but 
tend to cost a little more, for some reason. Check your other big 
sporting goods stores. Tri-City always had them in Fremont, for example.


Chris Browning wrote:
> They don't have those at any of my local Walmart, Kmarts, Targets, etc. I have checked many times and have never found anything. Oh well, it must be a regional thing. I live in San Diego, CA, I doubt there is a huge market for fish traps here, lol.
>  Wright Huntley <jwwiii at pacbell_net> wrote:The double-ended minnow traps are only about $10 at Wally World, so buy 
> several.
> To catch the juvies, hot-glue window screen inside the trap for the 
> finer mesh you need. Works great. We use a lot like that for pupfish 
> surveys, etc.
> We use dogfood pellets for bait, but other stuff works better, if you 
> can afford it. Shredded fish or shrimp, lobster, etc. ;-)
> Wright
> YoHoHo at aol_com wrote:
>>RE: How cold is too cold?
>>Just thought I'd pass a little info along on this subject. I had some 
>>australe and some riv's in my pond last summer/fall. I hadn't found a way to 
>>catch them when the temps finally dropped. The riv's died when the temp fell 
>>below 50, but the AUS swam around until it hit 40. Tough little guys. Now I 
>>have to find a way to catch them this year. Suggestions?? The pond is lined 
>>with softball to basketball sized boulders, so hiding places abound!
>>Frank Carriglitto
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