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RE: How cold is too cold?

I'd try minnow traps with a few dog food kibbles in it.  Put one on the
bottom and float one with a piece of Styrofoam.  It works great for pupfish

Best fishes

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><{{{>Just thought I'd pass a little info along on this subject.  I
><{{{>had some
><{{{>australe and some riv's in my pond last summer/fall.  I
><{{{>hadn't found a way to
><{{{>catch them when the temps finally dropped.  The riv's died
><{{{>when the temp fell
><{{{>below 50, but the AUS swam around until it hit 40.  Tough
><{{{>little guys.  Now I
><{{{>have to find a way to catch them this year.  Suggestions??
><{{{>The pond is lined
><{{{>with softball to basketball sized boulders, so hiding places abound!
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