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Re: KillieTalk Digest V5 #53

You might be able to find those thermal compacts cheaper than $20.  I pay 
$16 at a lfs that tends to be slightly expensive on some of their dry goods. 
  Check www.drsfostersmith.com.  They might have them.  I have 2 of them and 
other than being hard to adjust, they work well and I haven't had any 
problems with them getting stuck etc.  Just play with them a little bit and 
get your temperature before the fish are in.  Like I said, they are a little 
hard to adjust and I tend to set it too high or too low the first time.

Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 15:03:21 -0500
From: Andrew Roberts <royalwulff at sympatico_ca>
Subject: Re: How cold is too cold?

Thanks for all of your helpful responses.  I think you've convinced me
to invest in some smaller heaters.  As it stands, I tend to run smaller
heaters on my existing tanks - particularly planted tanks with lots of

I didn't realize that one could get heaters in sizes <50 watts, but my
local mail order outfit here in Canada has got 25W "Thermal compact"
heaters by Hagen (CAD 19.99) and Visi-therm (CAD 37.99 -- ouch).  These
are the submersible type, which I prefer as you don't have to worry
about very large gaps in the tank cover.  They even had one as small as
7.5 W, but it doesn't appear to be thermostatically controlled.



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