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RE: Killifish Conservation - N. whitei

Hi Wright

Thanks for the clarification.  Mine are from this lineage and are very quick
to hatch.  My last batch was in the peat for 8 weeks.

Best fishes

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><{{{>Erik Pfingstner wrote:
><{{{>> Hi David,
><{{{>> Do you have an idea which generation from the wild your strain is?
><{{{>> Does someone know where this rumor comes from that the fish
><{{{>stemming from
><{{{>> "barra de Sao Joao" is not nematolebias whitei but another
><{{{>species? Is there
><{{{>> any writen literature on this or any scientific examination
><{{{>of this fish
><{{{>> showing the differences?
><{{{>I may be the guilty party. I asked about it a while back, as
><{{{>I was sure
><{{{>my barra de sao joao were a lot different from my old
><{{{>DKG-origin maroon
><{{{>whitei. [I think I was incorrect and they truly are *whitei*.]
><{{{>I have no live fish, right now, but should hatch soon some that are
><{{{>roughly F8-10 from barra de sao joao. They are quick gestators so we
><{{{>have a lot of generations in this line from Cal Him to
><{{{>Wayland Lee to Me
><{{{>to Royal Ingersoll to Sue Bunte. Of those, I think only
><{{{>Wayland did not
><{{{>keep them long enough to breed any.
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