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RE: How cold is too cold?

Its all relative and depends on what you want to keep.  You can also use
temperature to manage your fish.  Fish that may be normally very aggressive
at tmepratures in the mid 70's while be dosile in the 60's.  If you want
success with some of the rainforest killies you might desire low
temperatures (i.e., Diapterons in the 60's or Aphy. jorgenscheeli).  My
Valencia hispannica only seem to spawn when the temperature drops below 60!
Many of the Aphanius do much better under cold water conditions.  I have
some Fund. rathbuni in an unheated building in stocktanks where a couple of
tubs nearer the sliding glass (external) door had about a half inch of inch
on them yesterday.  When they collected Austro. nigripinnis, bellotti and
alexanderi in the late 70's the collecting data supplied indicated they had
to break through the ice to collect the fish in the pools.  When I had a
heating disaster in basement 25 years ago and water temps dropped into the
40's, my Austro. bellottii had the best color I had ever seen.

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