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Re: Killifish Conservation

Thank you gentlemen. Lee, the complete list of mesaphyosemion species is 
awesome and I was trying to figure how to respond to George Davis and not 
write that long list. Yep, there are lots of great fish species in this 
group. My "job" is simple as I act strictly as "point man" and attempt to 
interest coordinators who, in turn gather up killifish breeders who do the 
actual breeding of fish. The coordinator (who will keep in touch with me) 
simply keep track of the breeders and direct the exchange of fish and eggs 
between members of the group. The intent is to avoid inbreeding and genetic 
drift by making certain that different genes  of various populations are 
mixed. The KCC  wishes to maintain these fish for the "long haul." 

Come on and join the fun. Lots of great mesaphyosemion species available. 

                                                                  Harry Specht
                                                                  Sarasota, FL

e-mail aus62 at aol_com
Mesaphyosemion subgenus of Aphyosemion for KCC
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