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Re: How cold is too cold?

Kray, Edd wrote:
 > Andrew, this is Edd in Denver.
 > My basement is also pretty cold, especially in summer(!) when the AC
 > is running full blast. I struggled with this for 10 years, trying to
 > maintain killies that preferred cold. Most survive well, even
 > becoming longer-lived to some extent. BUT, rarely did the produce
 > lots of eggs.
 > I gave in and put heaters in all my tanks a couple years back. The 50
 >  watters do fine in my 5 gallon tanks. Now I see lots more breeding
 > activity. I'd say go with some decent heaters and pick lots of eggs.

I'm with Edd on this one. One small exception: dig around and you can
find good quality 25W submersible heaters.

Put them where you can see the lamp that tells when they are "on."

Keep an eye out that none are stuck. Normal failure mode for heaters is 
for the contacts to weld closed, and the heater no longer cycles "off."

You don't care if the small heaters struggle to keep up. A few degrees 
drop is not big problem. Cooked fish are, and a too-big heater may do it 
before you can catch it. A big heater cycles (arcs) the switch more, and 
may even be more likely to fail than a little one.

What's too cold? IDK, but I lost my only RAC babies a few weeks ago when 
the house-heater pilot failed and water temp. got down to the low 60s or 
high 50s one night. [They are notoriously less tough than some, so that 
may not be a danger level for others.]


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