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How cold is too cold?

I'm a new killie keeper.  So new in fact that I don't have any killies 
yet!  I'm setting up some fish racks at the moment.  I joined the AKA 
several months back, and have read the excellent guide that came with 
membership, as well as this list.

I would like to start out with some Fp. gardneri, and perhaps some 
Nothobranchius guentheri.

My tanks will be set up in a corner of the basement, which runs very 
cool at this time of the year.  The temperature is approximately 16-17 C 
(61-63 F).  Is this too cool for the species I'm interested in keeping? 
   I know killies like cooler water, but most of the literature that 
I've seen lists the requirements for these species at around 68-70 F.

I could use aquarium heaters, but I find them difficult in tanks smaller 
than 10 gallons.  I don't have any other way of reliably heating the 
basement at this point.



Andrew Roberts, Richmond Hill Ontario
royalwulff at sympatico_ca
ICQ 130453482

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